Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ralphie and Glenn: Two Peas in a Pod?

Okay, this isn't a political statement, nor is it a way to jump start Christmas, but do you  notice a resemblance between these two people? Maybe it's just me, but they sort of look related.

Perhaps you're laughing, perhaps you agree, perhaps you think this is a waste of a blog post. Regardless, the first time I saw Beck with his glasses, I told my husband that he looked like Ralphie, you know, the kid from  A Christmas Story. And I still think he does.

No, this guest post has nothing to do with writing, and it's not really writer's food of any kind (well, maybe it is) but I suppose it is food for thought. The glasses give Ralphie such an endearing quality. And they do the same for Glenn.  Um ... I think. Or is that a bit of a stretch for some of you?  - Heather


  1. I am laughing. I wondered what happened to that kid. Just another example of you never know where you may end up regardless of where you start. While I realize they are NOT the same person, I am confident Glenn was a little boy once...I wonder if Glenn likes asian food, maybe Peking Duck?
    Thx Heather.

  2. I bet he does like Peking Duck. :) Thanks for reading. -H

  3. Um ... nothing gives Glenn Beck an endearing quality!

  4. Ha, ha, ha. Thanks for checking out the post Wendy. ;)