Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get your writing on! (even on the cover of a card)

I've been down-for-the-count with a cold I caught from
my youngest son. The irony of this all is that I assumed I would
get even more writing done now that he's in school, having just begun all day
kindergarden. While I do have uninteruppted time, being sick is not
condusive to writing, especially when all I want to do is lie down.
So, yes, it's an excuse. But hey, it's legitimate.
Now, something for you: Have you heard about Hallmark's card contest?
They have one or two contests every month devoted to great pictures
-- and most importantly, well placed and perfect writing to go with it --
by people like us, and NOT their in-house writers.
Here is an example, as I won one of their contests last year.
If you're like me, you have a ton of pictures on the computer that are
going to waste. And if you're a writer,
 then this is the perfect contest for you.
Go to Hallmark today and find out the latest contest. Enter it
and you never know ... the whole world may see your writing!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

WriteonCon 2011

Calling all children and young-adult writers!
If you haven't heard about the most educational, fun,
crazy and inspirational three days of our writing year, then you MUST
go to and sign up for
 hours of packed, fun-filled days of writing skills, tips, trade secrets, author-
advice and agent-wisdom. This is some of best stuff you'll ever find in one place (Well, other
than a writer's conference in person).
But, that's what writeoncon is. A conference, but online - and one that you writers
can't miss. It starts the 16th and goes through the 18th.
Sign up today. And get this: it's all FREE!
Be there (in your sweats, with coffee and chocolate in copious amounts)!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Movies and Inspiration

Though I've briefly written about this before, in a previous blog post When Not to Write, I wanted to go into further detail about the notion of creativity in writing and movie-viewing. Though I don't recommend writing after watching a movie (as the writing can be horrific, like a knock-off Gucci bag to the real thing) there is something to be said for finding a way to rejuvenate the ideas and inspiration we once had for a story, or novel when watching something both amazing, and inspirational.

For example, last week, I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2. While JK Rowling's writing is pretty much INCREDIBLE (that lady is a master of storytelling), what really lights my writing fire is knowing that her ideas, her brain activity and education, actually went somewhere ... as in phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime, everyone-loves-you, let's-make-a-movie-out-of-all-your-books type of success. And sitting in the ice-cold theater, with the AC set at 65 degrees, doesn't shut me down either. No, I push myself into the story (which isn't hard to do) so I don't have to think about how cold I am!

Here's what I'm trying to say: her books are successful. She's like Stephanie Meyers with the Twilight series, and myriad other writers whose books transcend the usual New York Times top-ten because they also make it to the big screen.

I am reminded of their success when I watch their stories made into movies. And it makes me want to keep on trying for my success. Not for a movie, mind you. I'm not asking for that kind of accomplishment. I know, I'm nuts. But really, that's a heck of a lot of responsibilty to have a huge following of fans along with the truckload of cash to deal with. Okay, so some don't think that's such a bad thing. But, I think it  is. Very few people can handle success in their bank account and success at home at the same time. I prefer a great home-life, with peace, than a great bank account.

So, let's get off this tangent ... if JK Rowling can write a story when her toddler takes a nap, then by golly, we can write something we want to tell, with the little bit of time we have too.

My kids are both in school for the first time, starting this week... I officially have NO excuses not to produce something good in my literary world.

We may not have best sellers, or books turned-into-movies type of writing, but that doesn't matter. If you are inspired by other authors' successes (as I am) then let that motivate you. Go see a great movie, a great story, and keep on writing, even just a page of your book a day, and that can be all the accomplishment you need to feel like a world-success too...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So, I was on vacation for forever! Well, maybe 11 days. But, if sure felt like forever, and it also felt like about 10 minutes, all at the same time.

Here is some of what I was up to:

And, I actually not only answered a few emails, but wrote down some book
ideas as well. I'd say it was a vacation well spent. I had a relaxing time,
and didn't feel guilty about not writing either.
Do I want to get back into the writing "saddle"? Not really,
but I am going to do it anyway.
I've got nothing to lose... even if all
I want to do now is be on the beach.

Happy writing!