Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Blogging

Okay, so this is really a lame word to choose for the letter B. I mean, how obvious is it that I'm blogging, we're all blogging, and we're in this blogging challenge together? The thing is, I want you to think about that word: Blog.

It's really a culmination of web log, which turned into blog. And truthfully, I hate that word. It sounds lazy, or boggy, or blah ... like you have something stuck in your mouth while trying to say log. I don't know. It's such an uneloquent word for the world of writing. And yet, is blogging eloquent?

Depends. Depends on what you're trying to get across, say, tell, brag, express, journal ... wait did I say journal? Yes! Journaling. That's what a lot of people use blogging for: a way to get our feelings across.

I'm not that into blogging so as to replace my journal with a blog. I don't wear my heart on my sleeve. I'd rather tell you something informative, so you'll return here, next week, to get another tidbit of information. To help you write better; to be better. Whatever. That's my thing. Not to tell you how I hated today.

I suppose blogging is all things to all people, and because of that diversity, we can be okay. Some bloggers will say too much, others not enough. Some can be eloquent, or poetic, and others as simple as a journal entry or text message. There's no right or wrong way to blog either.

So, blog away fellow bloggers! And read away, fellow readers! And come back tomorrow where I write about a word that starts with the letter C. Let's just say, it has something to do with a black substance that some refer to as black gold, it's hot, or cold, with a jolt of a heart-rate inducing drug, or not, you can drink it or have it in ice cream. You get the idea ... I think.

And I need to go get some of that word right now.


  1. Nice entry. I look forward to seeing your entry tomorrow about coal. (just kidding)

    Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to more A to Z goodness!

  2. Nice "b" word, Heather. I love blogging. :-) I am happy to blog away heehee

  3. Nagzilla: Coal. Ha ha. Why yes how did you know? ;)
    Rachel: thanks!! Blog away my friend.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm part of the A to Z Challenge too--it's so fun to check out other blogs.

  5. Blog is one of those words you forget aboout because it's so in your face all the time you stop looking. Enjoyed your take on it.

  6. Blog - it is a strange word and blogs are all different. There really is no wrong way to blog!

  7. Not an obvious choice, blog. Good post.

  8. I like your take on blogging. I prefer to be informative on my blog as well, but I do have times when I share something that has happened to me.

    Great to meet you on the challenge.

  9. Nice post for the letter B. I don't think it's a lame word. You are talking about something we are all doing.
    : )


  10. Hi Heather! I totally agree with Suzanne's comment above. Whenever I write a post about blogging I get more comments on it than just about any other topic. We're here, we're blogging, we're interested in it!

    Nice to meet you, and welcome to the Challenge!

    A to Z Challenge Host