Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Typos

Because, we all have them! I even have a book out, one that I published mind you,
and I'll still find a missing period, or misspelled word, and I cringe to think about all the people that have
read those mistakes! I'm a perfectionist, but not to the point that it had to be so perfect before I put the book out there. If that were the case, I never would've published. I had to let it go, typos and all, and then fix them, once the book was out--once I had many sets of eyes telling me what I missed. Some folks don't like that, but really, I don't mind it at all. I need the help.While I can edit for content, sometimes, I just CAN'T see the formatting, or grammatical or punctuation errors because I'm looking for so many different things.
Again, this is one of the negatives to self-publishing. And also a reason to hire an editor to fix those things
before you put something out there. And sometimes, even that isn't error-proof. I've read many a bestsellers,
with errors. So, it's a lesson learned, with nothing to lose, at this point. There are probably a half a dozen typos in this post as well. We're human, we make errors, and I'm all for doing one's best. Yet, though we need to be polished, sometimes, it doesn't happen perfectly ... and that's okay!


  1. Yes, I agree, it's okay not to be perfect, but it's not okay NOT to edit and proofread.

  2. I totally agree. I'm for doing your best!

  3. on facebook, i belong to a high-school alumni page--there was this big argument about people using fb lingo and not spelling correctly etc.--i found it kinda amusing--as i think we all recognize that particular media is a free space--but if someone is trying to be a serious writer, then of course they need to know the correct way--unless their characters talk incorrectly--great post!

  4. Great t-word. I think we should do our best to avoid them, but things will slip past the finest editors and we need to realize it's okay. We'll live. :)

  5. Typos in my own work drive me batty! If I randomly notice one in an old blog post, even, I'll go back and fix it. Perfectionists unite!

  6. Great blog! I'm a fanatical proofreader but still find typos in the books I self-published too. I also publish a monthly newspaper and almost every month find a tiny mistake (ones no one else has ever mentioned...) Here's how I decide when I'm done editing a book or an article: when I edit back to the original version I know it's time to quit!

  7. Typos are terrible; they drive me bonkers! You think you've got them all and then six more pop-up. I've thought about hiring an editor before I self-publish, but that is expensive and I can't afford it right now.

    1. Me too! I'm in agreement with you on your entire reply.:)

  8. Typos are annoying little buggers, aren't they? I'm convinced they hide until you've clicked 'publish' and then suddenly jump out at you.

  9. Typos slip through for anyone. I read a traditionally published book the other day that said crow instead of crowd. In my own book that I self published, I had a few minor typos. Think one 'to' and 'it' was switched. Most typos I've seen after something has been published have been minor ones like that. Words are spelled correctly or it's such a minor word that what I think happened was the editor or author's mind filled in the word.