Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for Young Adult

This post is going to read like my kindergartner's books he's currently learning to read:

I like young adult books. Have you read them?
Young adult books are very trendy right now.
They make a lot of blockbuster movies from them too.
Do you like blockbuster movies?
Adults read young adult books.
Kids read young adult books.
Young adults read young adult books.
So, what makes a young adult book?

Okay, enough of that. But really, there is always a strong debate about what makes or doesn't make a young adult book. Without a doubt, I believe young adult books' main protagonist needs to be a young adult. I know, that's one of those "duh" comments. But, Harry Potter was ten, wasn't he, when he began at Hogwarts? And yet, those books are more young adult now than ever because the books take Harry through the young adult years.

I think young adult books can be read by children and adults alike, especially if the book deals with serious issues. This might be a reason that kids shouldn't read them, but an absolute reason for adults to read them. Which leaves me to wonder, when is the property line crossed when going from middle-grade to young adult? Young adult books aren't young adult only because of age, right?

My story, The Puzzle Master, deals with a couple of twelve year olds, but the subject matter is beyond their young little minds -- it's almost beyond some adults minds.

So, what do you think? Do you like reading young adult because of the "age" of the characters, or because of the content? Or both? Or, maybe it's neither of that?

I love young adult because it takes me back to when I was metamorphosing into an adult: times that were turbulent, strange, exciting and confusing.

And perhaps, the very reason this age group can bring forth such amazing -- blockbuster --stories.


  1. I like young adult because being a young adult is such a time of changes in our lives. We find out who we want to be or who we don't. There's so much emotional growth that takes place. We get married, start having families, and careers. It's a great time to write about! :)

  2. I like young adult....because I am a young adult. :) I actually wrote about youth for today

  3. I'm currently reading a young adult book by Sheenah Freitas, The Chosen and am enjoying it even though I'm not a young adult. I'll be reading the second book in her series next so I can review it on my blog.

  4. I love reading YA over other genres. Not sure why because it can be just as gritty as more adult themed novels.

  5. I love YA mostly because its more simple. And I don't mean simple in a condescending way. I mean, that the parts in the book at poignant. There's not an abundant amount of description or flowery words. There's usually a lot of growth. That's why I like YA.