Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zeal

After a month of blogging, I haven't lost the zeal for writing. Sometimes, when I'm writing things that don't strictly have to do my creations, the zeal has a tendency to disappear. It's like editing other peoples' work: after weeks of taking care of their work, the enthusiasm for working on my stories seems curbed.

Hopefully, the almost two thousand blogs (perhaps less) involved in this blogfest energized your zeal. It absolutely has for me, as I got to "meet" many other authors -- those who are trying, succeeding and failing at the same things I am attempting -- and I've met book reviewers, agents, readers, etc. It's been extremely educational and it means I've got sources to go to, when my zeal is lacking.

Thanks for reading a long with me on my blogging journey for the month of April. I've had a lot of fun, it's been challenging only a few times when I had no idea what to write, and rewarding too to see how many others are in this journey with me.

Keep the zeal!


  1. i hope we can all keep that zeal--congrats!!

  2. Congrats on finishing. Here's hoping to plenty more zeal.

  3. Congratulations on finishing! I had fun too, but I definitely need a break. :)

  4. Tired, but so glad I finished and got to find cool blogs like yours.

    Congrats on finishing the Challenge.