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New Year Direction

I'm a bit overdue for a post, but that's okay.

A new year means doing new things. And here's something new: I see that the more I am away from blogging, the more I realize I don't know what I'm doing, even though I'm always researching what I think I want to be doing.

New years goal?

To write to be happy. Not to write to finish a project or to enter a contest (which, by the way, I like). But, I want to be really happy writing. That is the main purpose for writing in the first place, for me. I write because I love it. But, when the writing turns mundane because I HAVE to write or feel compelled to write because I'm a "writer" well, it takes everything good out of the whole experience.

Sure, it makes me busy. But I'm filling my time with with writing things I don't really end up liking, or using; things that don't mean much to me.

I want to write whether the subject I'm writing about is ever published or not. I want that feeling I had before I had this blog that made me excited to write because I was doing what I loved ... and was doing it without the prospect of pay, or accolades or publishing. I want to be happy doing what I love doing.

Kind of like my dog. This is her, at her happiest, because she has her ball. That's the happiness I want when I'm writing. Pure joy because I'm doing what I love, regardless of the end result.

I want that feeling again. It's like family and friends and good cup of coffee. The small and simple things, the things we do when we're in it for the real deal, is what I want to get back to ... and probably what we should all strive for because it's so simple and easy. If success comes from it, then so be it. But, not because I want global success.

So, this blog is for you. If you have a book you want reviewed, ask me. I might do it.
Have a contest you want to tell others about? Tell me about it. I'll probably list it.

Have a great new year, full of dreams fulfilled because you worked at it! A tennis ball in the mouth is pretty amazing...

Keep writing!


  1. That's probably the best goal I've seen with all of these new year goals. That's what we ultimately want of our writing--to be happy.

    1. Totally! I guess I've been feeling underwhelmed with my writing lately and it's because I'm not loving it! Got to get back to the basics. :) Thanks for your sweet comment.

  2. Good luck! If it doesn't make you happy, chances are it won't make your readers happy either.

    I write assuming I won't be published, so what I write is always what makes me happy. Then again, it would be nice to make some of the green. But on the whole, it's nice to get the words out of me. I self-published my trilogy last year, and now it's time to write in a different direction. But again, it will be a direction that makes me happy.

    1. Way to go with your publishing though! As long as you're happy with that, then your writing is going to be killer. And yes, getting the words out are really key. Though the "green" would be nice...regardless!
      Will have to check out your work!
      Thanks for the comment.

  3. That's the best goal ever. I know my writing is much better when I'm loving the fact I'm writing. =)

    1. Yes! Exactly I feel my year is off to a good start all because the pressure is off to write not for accolades, or even publication, but for fun!
      Almost forgot what that was all about!
      Thanks for your comment too. Appreciate it.



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