Monday, June 29, 2015


You know what's uncomfortable?

Me letting my work go out (the one that's been in a writing/editing/rewriting process for the last ten years) to my writing/ critique partners.

It's like letting your baby -- your sweet, little child -- go to school on his first day of preschool.You are relieved, but terrified. Happy but seriously overwhelmed. There's a two-fold dimension of emotions.

And I can't figure out what I want or should feel.

Many of you don't know that this story has been with me since my now-high-school son was a three-year-old.

It's been over ten years of trying to figure out what and how I want to tell this story. For a while, I thought it was just a concept that would never come to fruition. And that it was a crazy idea for a book. Shouldn't happen. Nah, dumb idea.

But, it wasn't just that. 

Okay, perhaps it is a dumb idea, but I never could give it up. AND (I'm going to speak "positive prophetic" here) when I find an agent that finds a publisher for this story, it will all be worth it in the end.

Just a bit of encouragement for those doing this, or are in a completely different situation, but have "worked" for their "idea" for decades, keep at it.

Don't give up.

Even if things don't work out like you anticipated, you KNOW that you kept at it, trying for success, and didn't miss an opportunity because you weren't working for it.

It's like a key, a key to success that only you can find with the path that you've been given to travel. Only you can use that key. Only you can unlock that door. Only you can make it happen with your story, not someone else's. With your work, not someone else's.

You, your style, your life, your experience, can not be duplicated and shouldn't be.

Give it your best, you truly won't lose.

God will figure out the loose ends and details...


  1. Maybe I'm odd. I like to get my stuff out of my hands, Maybe I'm just needy for approval.

    1. I think it's because I hold this one so near and dear to me, and I don't want the truth (like, this is AWFUL Heather) to hurt, you know?

      And Alan, you are odd. *wink* ◄ That wink right there ... I learned that from you.
      Okay, no you're not. You're an incredible man of God.
      Thank you for that!

  2. Your writing is amazing. I'm honored you trust me with it. Can't wait to read!!! :)

  3. Lara, thank you! (I'm REALLY trying not to wince here. Ugh.) Just tell me the ugly truth...

  4. Yes, it is uncomfortable but also necessary. I gave a talk at my local library last year on tips for surviving the critique process (it's scary, and it hurts, but there are definite techniques for getting the most out of it!) which I'm trying to turn into a free e-book. Keep at it!

  5. Right? Okay then. Glad we're agreed on this. :) You keep at it too! Good luck.