Friday, May 19, 2017

Mighty like an Oak

A wonderful and very long-time friend passed away a week ago.
She was one of the most dynamic and charismatic persons I had ever met. She was contagious.
Her Spirit was as righteous as it was true.

It's impossible to replace people like this. Impossible.
They fill a void in you that no one else can,
that no one else is capable of doing,
because they are so beyond the norm.

While we are trapped in time, here on earth,
slave to the ticking clock, heaven isn't slave to anything.
Nor is eternity, nor is her spirit.
She is still here, in our hearts, and around us.
She exists. And she is free.

Free from cancer, free from pain and suffering.
Free to be herself, her now fully Glorified self, again.

Like an oak tree and its' acorns, she dropped acorns incessantly. Her care, her words, her utter devotion
and love to those around her, lives on.
She left acorns everywhere she went; dropping love,
dropping time, dropping kindness, dropping encouragement.

She lives on and the parts of her she left for us, are now in us.
Like an oak tree, whose arms hover over those they watch, she too
did this and continues to now.

Hug your people. Tell them you love them.
Appreciate those in your life who are everywhere with you
and especially those who aren't, or can't be.
They need to hear it. They need to know.

Thank you, Robin...


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