Editorial Services

While writing is my passion, editing and proofreading have become a very close second. I enjoy editing my own work, but I also enjoy reading what other people write, particularly to help perfect their piece to a shining work of art.

I have a couple of degrees in English and Literature, so the love for language has been a part of me for decades ... and it didn't stop with school. I am a freelance writer and editor and for the past ten years, aside from writing articles for magazines, and blogs, or short stories for anthologies and the like, I've edited a wide gamut of fiction and nonfiction, from online magazine content, romance novels, poetry and devotionals to biographical novels and self-help articles.

If you're in need of an editorial eye to catch typos, check for grammar or punctuation, or if you need an overall general edit for your current work in progress, I've got you covered.

My rates are extremely reasonable. I'm willing to work with you on what you need to make your work its' best all while making you feel at ease throughout the entire process.

Fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you within twenty four hours to let you know my rates and what else I need from you to begin the editing process. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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