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My Little Corner of the Writing World

You know, for being a writer, I sure don't blog a lot. I mean, I'm a failure when it comes to this. I started my blogs because, let's face it, what's a writer (or who's a writer, really) without one? It's like the necessary notebooks, books, journals, pens, computers, PCs -- on at the same time while on my phone as well, but that's another story for another time -- that a writer needs and wants that co-exists nicely with the incessant dialogue or scene setting that goes on in a writer's mind. It's perpetual. It's never-ending. And it's lovely. And I have kids. Kids can kind of take every living ounce of strength and will-power out of me, so that I don't want to write. At all. Like, at all all. Like ever again. Okay, not true. That part just isn't true. But, their constant energy and living their schedules, warrants an IV caffeine drip into my right arm. So it's ironic and very lackadaisical of me to not be writing he

Reading │ Writing

Well hey! Just wanted to say a quick hello. I'm still here. No excuses for not blogging. However, I'm going to give you excuses anyway. Just went here for Winter Break with my boys. Their first trip to Hawaii. Spent a lot of time looking up at this while lounging on the beach or at the pool.  Spent an equal amount of time trying to get them to let me take pics of them. Took a ridiculous amount of fun selfies with my oldest. (Very cherish-able.) Came home to celebrate this boy's birthday (again). Proceeded to eat all of this by myself. Took this girl for many runs, even though I was the one that needed to run. Now, I'm doing (still) a lot of this. But wishing I was doing this. I'm getting back into the writing groove guys. I promise. Hope to share some of it in the near future. Aloha...

B is for Blogging

Okay, so this is really a lame word to choose for the letter B. I mean, how obvious is it that I'm blogging, we're all blogging, and we're in this blogging challenge together? The thing is, I want you to think about that word: Blog. It's really a culmination of web log, which turned into blog. And truthfully, I hate that word. It sounds lazy, or boggy, or blah ... like you have something stuck in your mouth while trying to say log. I don't know. It's such an uneloquent word for the world of writing. And yet, is blogging eloquent? Depends. Depends on what you're trying to get across, say, tell, brag, express, journal ... wait did I say journal? Yes! Journaling. That's what a lot of people use blogging for: a way to get our feelings across. I'm not that into blogging so as to replace my journal with a blog. I don't wear my heart on my sleeve. I'd rather tell you something informative, so you'll return here, next week, to get another t

Blogging from A to Z

Warning! Warning! I will be blogging for all of April! Totally shocking, I know. Especially coming from someone who maybe blogs once a week. So, what has gotten into me? And why would I do something so drastic as to blog everyday for a month? I'm doing this awesome "blog challenge" if you will. It's kind of like NaNoWriMo , which was about writing a novel in thirty days. But this, this A to Z challenge, is about blogging on the topic of an alphabet letter-- a different one-- everyday for the next thirty days, minus a few sundays off. It's called Blogging from A to Z challenge April 2012. I thought about writing about The Hunger Games, because that is super trendy-- and because it would capture most peoples' interest.  It wouldn't be hard to do, especially because the difficult letter K is already filled for lead character Katniss. However, I'm sure a gazillion bloggers are going to do this. Oh, and it doesn't help that I haven't read the

Designing Writer

Today is Manna Monday , which means a guest post from  Rebecca Ward  as your literary food. Enjoy! As a professional interior designer, my job is to magically create perfect interior spaces for my clients. I take their dreams and turn it into a reality. But design is more to me than just a job. It is my passion. And because of my love for it, I have to share it with others. One of my outlets for doing this is through my design blog, Design R . Over time, I have discovered that I am no longer just an interior designer, but an author. I publish my writings about my passion in a public format so others want to read it. But, I didn’t fully come to this “writer” realization by myself. I thank Holly Becker of the blog Decor8 and the blogging class I took called Blogging Your Way (a wonderful course for bloggers from any genre). She is a perfect example of a blogger-turned-published-writer. Through this combination of her extremely popular design blog and writing, she writes for many