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Autumnal Changes

Every single time I tell myself I'm going to write at my blog more.  And every single time I don't. Regardless, my sis reminded me that I had a blog, and I realized I hadn't said hello for three months; for 90 days; for roughly 2160 hours! A lot transpires in three months. And an exceptional amount has transpired in the last few days. Here's a small rundown. It's Fall! Glorious glory. Better weather, perfect season for the most perfect layered clothing, best time of year. When my neighborhood looks like this, how can I not love it more? The trees look like this: We look up and see more of this! We drink more of this (Well, I drink the coffee any time of year, but I'm not sweating while drinking it hot now. So hey!) A very unforgettable election and voting process just occurred. My dog's face ↓ pretty much depicts how I feel. About both candidates. Note the blue and red in the blanket.

Thoughtful Thursday

There's a whole lot to be thoughtful about right now. Particularly now that we're post-election. No more ad campaigns, no more lies ... well, fewer lies anyway... maybe. But, I'm not going into that. No sirree. I'm going to talk about less formidable, less headache-inducing things. Fantastic things --and one not-so-fantastic thing-- that happened this week. I'm doing this so I won't cry. Look at this! ↓ Fantastic: My book, my little, tiny story has been in the top 100 kindle classics for kid literature for three weeks now. THREE WEEKS. Why? I'm not exactly sure. But a few sales a day sure can make a writer happy. THIS is fantastic. If you haven't read my middle grade book, you should.  I kind of like it. The Puzzle Master . ◄▬ Click on that and get the Kindle version for only $.99. Not fantastic : See this coupon? Imagine me cutting coupons out of the Sunday paper. Imagine me trying to save money. Imagine seeing this coupon, reading wha