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S is for Sparks

As in Nicholas Sparks. I know what you're thinking ... we've already heard about this guy. But, probably far less than you're hearing about Suzanne Collins of The Hunger Games , right? I know a lot of people like his writing. I know a lot of people don't like his writing. Usually, the latter group says this because they've never read any of his books. They're only basing their opinion on what others have said, what they've heard in an interview, or how bad they thought the movie was. Don't base your judgement of a book from the movie ... ever. You know the cliche: The book is better. Here's two super reasons to read Nicholas Sparks . 1. His writing is real. I know. Some of you guys are thinking, come on, he's so not real . But he is! He's real for guys and girls, and on so many levels. I just read The Last Song . Sure it was sad, as he usually has sad elements in his books, but how is that any different than other book? Life is ab