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The End?

Blogs are great. Blogs are cool. Blogs really let someone write and rant about whatever the heck they want. Yippee. But, as attractive as that sounds, I'm thinking I'm going to let it go for now ... I find I'm actually stressing about what to write about, which is ABSURD. And have been for months now. Not to mention, what works for some, doesn't for others. I've had a two to three year blog. It's been good. But, it's time to move on. If I get a new blog, I'll let you know and post it here. But with a busy life, moving, sisters having babies, wanting to write and not getting to write, my husband having surgery, kids out for the summer ... for some this is fodder for writing. For me, it's beginning to feel false. I don't need to voice my opinion to everyone and tell them everything I'm doing. (and no, I won't go to Facebook for that either... that's a whole different animal ... one I don't like much either. I'm fin