Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer 2015

It's been said that life goes by faster with every year that passes.
This is undeniably true.
School has been out for my boys for two months, 
and yet, I can't understand how they're starting school in 
three weeks.
Parental phenomenon, is what it is.
And this humorous albeit ridiculous door knob sign that my
eldest son made, this is a phenomenon
all its own. ↓

I shouldn't have had to ask, but I did ... the blindness will happen
if I don't knock on his door and make sure he isn't naked before I walk in.
Oh good heavens.
It's good to see him using his words and writing, this summer.
And per usual, it's good to see his humor is still in tact.

Have a great weekend friends.

Oh, and little article about my Etsy start up five years ago just posted a few days ago
on this sweet blog I'm a part of, called Society Letters.



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