Writing is one of the hardest things I've ever done -- well, that and motherhood-- yet I can't stop diving into it (and motherhood is sort of a forever type of thing, so I dove into that pool for a long swim).

I live in sunny Northern California. And along with doodling down ideas and dialogue for fiction, short stories or articles, I love vintage clothing ... both wearing and selling it.

You can see my vintage handiwork at my Etsy shop. And my blog to go with it. I'm on Instagram, too. Mostly fashion stuff there, but there you go.

Contact me via e-mail if you'd like: hjspiva (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Published writings:

Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Vintage Denim - One Upped Magazine - May 2017

Regular Contributor, the Society Letters, 2015- current

5 Ways My Marriage Forced Me to be Independent - April 2017
13 Things Parents in their 40's Wish They Knew in Their 30's - July 2016
How to Set Clear-Cut Boundaries - April 2016
Jedi Mind Tricks:What to Say to Yourself to be a Happier Person Every Day - Jan 2016
Parenting: 5 Things only Parents of Boys Understand- Jan  2016
Why We Need to Put the Phone Down Before We Ask  Our Kids to - Dec 2015
Are You Social Media-Obssessed? - Nov 2015
Raising Boys: What Would Han Solo Say? - Oct 2015
Why Adopting a Pet Might be Just What You Need to Perfect Your life - Sept 2015
Shifting Focus: Looking at Things From a New Perspective - Aug 2015
Starting a New Business as a Stay-At-Home-Mom - July 2015

Jesus Talked to Me Today, James Bell, excerpt: Jesus Outside the Window, Anthology, July 2016

Better with Boys, Mamalode, May 2015

Jazz Music at Night, Mamalode, April 2015

Harvesting the Oranges Before Spring, Mamalode, March 2015

The Puzzle Masterchildrens / middle-grade book, via Amazon Kindle, Feburary 2012

**Engrossing story, with engaging characters. This novel could stand beside Bridge to Terebithia in a classroom -- it's that good.- Goodreads Review**
Find The Puzzle Master at Amazon:

Cup of Comfort for Christian Women, Anthology, Test of Tithe: Colleen Sell, anth. editor, 2011

Bad Austen: The Worst Stories Jane Never Wrote, Anthology, Two-Time and Twilight, 2011

Faith and FAMILY: A Devotional Pathway for Families, Devotion, 2011

Home Is Where The Art Is, Sacramento Parent Magazine, July 2011

Need a good laugh? Check out this Hallmark Card. (click on pic)     

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