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Ekphrastic Traveling

While I haven't posted my works in the past, I want to post this poem- written because of a simple (but gorgeous) photo my cousin took. Visit his work: Traveling via a photo The propeller metal shines, though for me, it is only paper; it shines at me like a nickel that has lost its way from a pocket or purse; valuable, useful. And I feel like a bird that has to pick it up for its nest. Though the black and white etch their thoughts of movement, (perhaps a trip to the ends of the earth, or a jaunt down the road) the feelings of the passenger must be like those of Earheart or Lindbergh or even the Wrights: trusting. The contraption is beautiful and bright, made by those whose brains are beyond the mass of a million minds. - HJS

It all Starts with a Mohawk

School's out and I'm officially stressed. It sounds kind of backwards, doesn't it? It isn't because of anything specifically really - only that my two boys are with me constantly. And me, wanting to be a good mom, doesn't want to hear the infamous words, "I'm bored." So I'm making a huge list of things to do over the summer. I think I'm stressed because I want my kids to actually have fun doing the things I think they'll think as fun. Does that make sense? Anyway, we did do something kind of fun: Mohawks, well it really was buzz cuts and a mohawk for the oldest. The youngest didn't like it so much, so we shaved the "hawk" off. They love it. I kind of do too. Until next time, you'll know what I'm doing- making a list, and checking it twice. -HJS