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The American Way--Baseball

Ball games are pretty darn fun. Really. You even get to eat garbage and not feel guilty about it. Or at least, I don't. Because if you're anything like me, my justification is that this "garbage" is few and far between. What's a hot dog or two every year, right? The Rivercats, triple A team for Sacramento, played the Colorado Springs Sky Sox last night. Pretty sure we won. But then, maybe I'm not so sure. We left during the seventh inning stretch. The whole people factor, or people watching, is fun too. That's about as good as the game itself. People, from every walk of life, all congregate to one place, on one particular night, to watch one particular game. And we're all happy about it. While sitting in my seat, next to my sister and husband --and behind two rows of Japanese exhange students who were having the time of their life at this truly American past time-- it suddenly occurred to me why, despite the tremendous lag in the general game of bas