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Bad Austen Book

So, this is cool... remember that Jane Austen contest I told you about many months ago? The one where you had to enter your own story in the style of Jane Austen? Well, they just released the book and my story was in it, along with 55 others. It was a fun write, one that was harder that I thought, but also entertaining and enlightening. Who knew how hard it would be to use long words, an ancient vocabulary and extremely wordy and unintelligable sentences? (Okay some intelligent sentences; Jane was a genius. Me? Not a genius) The thing is, not a whole lot of people actually entered this contest, so had YOU entered this one, you would have probably gotten in too! Mine wasn't exceptional. But, they published it anyway. Go here , to Amazon, to see the cover and a few excerpts. Let this be a lesson: always enter writing contest and call for submissions and send your work to agents... even if you think it's a long shot, it can never hurt to try. Because seriously, coming from

It's Almost NaNoWriMo Time!

Hey you writers! It's almost time for NaNoWriMo. What is this , you ask? Just the most inspirational month of your year. It's National Novel Writing Month. Here's how it works. Let's say you have a book in your head that you want to write, but the motivation or focus isn't there. NaNoWriMo takes care of these two things at once. Here are 6 reasons how and why you need to sign up to do NaNoWriMo. 1. This is proof that thousands of people out there are just like you. You can write, you can do it. And you are not alone! 2. You have one month: 30 days, to get 50,000 words down. They don't have to be perfect. Just written. 3.Once you see how a little bit every day (or roughly 1666 words a day) equates to a whole book, well that'll motivate anyone to write! 4. You can write about anything you want. 5. You can write an outline even, and go by that everyday. 6. You have a network of people you can talk to in your part of town or