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Jumping Jenny Joe - Author's Challenge

Read Jumping Jenny Joe I really dislike it when voting is required for a manuscript to take first, second, third or to even place at all in writing contests. I'd prefer the expert to choose. I mean, what makes the average reader an expert, after all? On the other hand, that is exactly why the average reader should make the final say as to whom should be first, second or third. The public buys the book, therefore the public should be able to vote on their favorites. They know a good story when they read it! Now, here's when I tell you to vote for my little story . See, I wrote this cute little rhyme-y children's story. I read to it my youngest, and he kept wanting me to read and reread it, so I thought "okay, why not enter it into a constest?" If I win, the book is published. If not, that's okay. All's fair in writing and publishing... or something like that. Anway, vote for my story. There's a 400 to 1 chance I could be printed. Not great, bu

Missing in Action

So, I've sort of been not blogging as of late. Sorry. Life kind of takes precedence sometimes, even though I would like to blog. But I find there's a blending of laziness, busyness and life events, which prevent me from being at this site. The whole doing what we don't want to do and don't do what we ought to, that the apostle Paul spoke of in the Bible. It's a mean and vicious cycle. Pumpkin Pie Amazingness Having said that, here's a lovely pie that I would want to make, but probably won't. Totally off subject, and a procrastinating sort of project. Sort of ... would be good for that big meal we're all partaking of this thursday. Interested in making this too? Click on the link for recipes at which is part of the Disney co. Great ideas abound at that website! Have to say, if you're in the middle of serious life events, like lack of job, lack of initiative, lack of motivation perhaps, etc, there's a call for submissions for