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A New Year for New Things

I was REALLY trying to come up with something incredibly witty and cool to write about. After all, I've not blogged in almost two months. I thought about writing an antecdote about my kids over Christmas vacation -- yes, Christmas vaction, not winter break -- and how crazy and silly they are, and that during break they played video games, danced naked, or threw up because of a stomach virus. But nothing seemed right. And it also reminded me of how sick I became too. I thought about writing about writer's block, or perhaps e-publishing and how that has taken off and how I might even venture to do that one day soon, but I felt too drained to dive into that giant pool of new subject matter. Besides, I know I have other blogs posts to focus on things like that. I have nothing witty to write about mostly because I think everyone wants to be just that and it's driving me a little bit bonkers. Not eveyone has to have a sense of humor all the time. Some posts need to just be