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The Puzzle Master Giveaway

Just a heads up for those who would like to have my book (the e-version), I'm offering it FREE on August 2nd, for the entire day ... but only one day. It will be available through Amazon, or you can just click here and get it. The paperback is only $6.99, if you prefer that version, and though not free, you can find that by clicking here . And remember if you miss the free Kindle version of it on the 2nd of August, it's only .99 the rest of the time. (Also, you don't need a Kindle to read the Kindle version! Download the Kindle app for your iphone, droid, PC, Ipad, or mac and all reading tablets. Click here !)

Summer Satisfaction

How's your summer been? I've been busy. I've been traveling, and writing, but not feeling the most productive. I hate to say this, but even blogging takes away from my creativity, probably because writing is what I do for work. So when I blog, which is more work, I feel like my writing quota has been filled for the day and then I seem to meander and putz around when it comes down to actually cranking out words for a REAL book or article. Vicious cycle. I'm going to make a list of things I've accomplished recently, things that helped me be even more productive, so that I can feel like I have been productive. That sounds garbled, but really, it makes sense. I love lists and checking those "to do" things off. Absurd. But, hey. It helps me. 1. I finished Camp NANOWRIMO on July 31st, with 50,000 words. I must say, that is pretty good even for me, and though the words are mish-mashed, it's a whole lot better than the first draft I had of the same

Happy 4th of July

Have a blessed 4th of July! What a wonderful day to remember our freedoms and why we still have those freedom today. May God bless America!