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Growing Where You are Planted

I've written about this topic before: Growing where you are planted; becoming the best you can with what you're doing despite your circumstances. And the truth of it is, while I write about it and talk about it like it's easy to do, I hate it. Hard work is just that ... hard work. And I still don't like it. And who wants to write anyway, only to feel like they're going nowhere? No one. No one likes to see zero progress. No one wants their work to be in vain. But is our work truly in vain? If it's to the best of our abilities, whatever we are doing from writing to cleaning the house, it isn't in vain because someone ultimately benefits whether it's a clean house hours from now, or an actual well-written book WRITTEN years and years from now. It has to benefit someone. Yourself, namely. And if you don't grow where you were planted -- if you don't sit down and write or work hard or sweat out the tough things when you don't want to --