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Anyone who hasn't had a bad review of their work doesn't fully understand the stress that comes with being a writer. I recently had one of these reviews. And it seriously made me doubt that what I had put years into was even worth it. It's bad enough that we pour out our blood and sweat and tons of tears into our work without a single affirming word from anyone saying, "What a swell job you're doing" or "Though you haven't made a penny of your writing in years, your work is truly great." And we continue to pour away because we are called to write. We can't live without doing that. This particular negative review of my work, The Puzzle Master, was like a slap in the face, with a punch to the gut, and then just when I thought it was over, a blind-sided karate chop to the back of the legs. I questioned if her negative review of my work was valid. I questioned my abilities as a writer. I wondered if indeed the last eighteen years