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The Harbinger- Tiny Review

Seriously, has it been two months since my last post? Wowsers. That's not so good. I've been a little ... well, I was going to say busy, but then, we're all busy and other people get to their blogs. But I don't. Hmmm. Priorities. I did read a pretty fantastic best-seller though called The Harbinger, written by Jonathan Cahn. If you're interested in Biblical history, enjoy the plot and pacing of John Grisham, like fiction and mystery - with a huge dash of real life, because the story is based on facts - then this book is for you. Blew me away. History is happening right now. And we're in the middle of it. I'm a Christian, so this book resonated with me. I got to take verses I've read before in the Bible and apply it to things that have happened since 9/11 at and around Ground Zero. Christian or not (and the author is a Messianic Jew, by the way) this is an incredible book with indisputable facts, despite it being in a fictional format.