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A Work in Progress

You know, I had originally titled my blog this, A Work in Progress. And would you look at that .. my life has come full circle three years later, and I'm back to naming my blog A Work in Progress. Why this name? Because, quite frankly, it fits me and what I'm doing. I  am always working on something as far as writing goes, and it not only never feels complete, but I always feel like I can do it better. Sort of carries into my personal life as well. The house we just bought? Unless I like the dated wallpaper and old kitchen cabinets, which I don't, it's a work in progress. My dog who loves the ball more than obeying? Well, she's a work in progress. Very cute, but very much a work in progress. My job as a parent? Where do I begin? That's a forever work in progress. Just when I've mastered diapering, it's onto saying "no" at the rights times (which feels like ALWAYS) and then it's onto juggling school and sports and home life a