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Winter Reading

This picture is pretty much what happens in the winter at my house. At least for me, anyway. As the weather gets cooler, outdoor activities i.e. sitting by the pool or swimming, disappear (Yes, even here in California) and a hibernation, if you will, takes over me. I want blankets, slippers, fireplaces, and something warm to drink all next to my stack of books. It is a stack. It's hard for me to focus on one book at a time for too long, since I have so much going on. So, a chapter here and there throughout the day works well. The real problem is me wanting to read so many different books at once. This picture is a little take of said problem, on the side table of my bed. And it doesn't even include the one or two or three books I'm reading on my tablet or phone PLUS the qeue of books that will be coming in to read, or that I'm going to be reading once I finished the affore mentioned. This isn't a problem to complain about. Good books are so much fun. An

Nicholas Sparks Pet Story Contest

For you animal lovers and writers, --and if you happen to enjoy Nicholas Sparks writing-- this was too cute a writing contest to pass up. Here's the prompt: Write about how and where you adopted your pet  and get the chance to have your story chosen by Mr. Sparks to be featured on his website, social media outlets and mailing list (and listed through Petsmart website), PLUS have the chance to have your pet make a special cameo in Spark's next story. Petsmart Writing Contest I don't know about you, but that's enough reasons for me to try this one! Click here, or the title below the picture, to get the details and entry form. Good luck and happy writing!

New Book from Lara Van Hulzen

Okay y'all, if you like a good love story, a light-hearted romance -- and even if you don't -- I'm going to recommend you read this book, called Remember Me , written by author Lara Van Hulzen. It is literally fresh off the press! Not only does this woman know how to write, but she just happens to be my fabulous friend. Now, I am not a heavy romance reader, nor am I a romance writer, but I do read excellent stories  and I do love to read a good love story. This book is not only that, but -- are you read for this -- it has suspense intertwined into it, like a mystery! You can buy it for your Kindle , or the paper back version. Click on the links above to read what the story is about and get your copy today! And once you're into this book, loving every word, get this: this is book one of three!  So, just you wait ... there will be more. Visit and like Lara's author page on Facebook for all the juicy updates. You won

A Sweet Sabbatical

I have a confession to make: I didn't write this summer. Like, not at all. Seriously, those aren't the best words coming from a writer. But, you know what, I'm okay with that. Why? Because I really couldn't write. I literally had no will, or want, to write anything. Okay. Another confession: I did write a poem or two. But, they were absolute trash. Which again, I'm okay with.  No one but me will ever see those. And now that we're being honest, I have to be even more honest and say I had the most fun hanging with my kids, rather than writing.  Because, it wasn't forced and I didn't have any deadlines or crazy things I HAD to write. Nope. None of that. And I liked it. A summer off. A sabbatical, if you will. Just me, the kids, the pool and everything else in between. What is "in between" you say? Well here, let me share.  I went here (thanks Aunt Shelby!):  I did a lot of this: Wat

Hello 2014

Disneyland, Dec 2014 I haven't forgotten about you writing/reading friends! Believe me. I was busy ... at my uh ... other house. You should see the cleaning I have to do. And the energy bill is outrageous. I had a few brief seconds to myself to snap this picture. Living in a castle is tough. But, I manage. Hope to get a few posts out, at least once a month -- right? And of course engage you in my reading/writing/ lack of writing life of mine. Happy new year!