Winter Reading

This picture is pretty much what happens in the winter at my house. At least for me, anyway. As the weather gets cooler, outdoor activities i.e. sitting by the pool or swimming, disappear (Yes, even here in California) and a hibernation, if you will, takes over me.

I want blankets, slippers, fireplaces, and something warm to drink all next to my stack of books.

It is a stack. It's hard for me to focus on one book at a time for too long, since I have so much going on. So, a chapter here and there throughout the day works well. The real problem is me wanting to read so many different books at once.

This picture is a little take of said problem, on the side table of my bed.

And it doesn't even include the one or two or three books I'm reading on my tablet or phone PLUS the qeue of books that will be coming in to read, or that I'm going to be reading once I finished the affore mentioned.

This isn't a problem to complain about. Good books are so much fun. And if you're not a reader, well, this too can change, my friend. This too can change.

So happy reading my fine Fall/Winter hibernating friends. Happy reading ...

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