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Autumn is Here

I'm having fun right now.  Fun meaning, going thrift shopping and finding things for me that will be perfect for Fall. Sure, I'm writing short stories, essays, and always working on a book. But after years of doing JUST that, I can't do  it all day, every day, hour after hour anymore. I think I burned myself out a couple years ago. And that's where vintage came in and rescued me. I found this goody last year. Like, I seriously almost hyper-ventilated when I saw it. So rare, so amazing. It feels like it's from the 1950s or 1960s. No tags or labels, so it's a guess as to the decade. It's a wool Cowichan Style Cardigan Sweater. It's so warm, the only place around here I can wear it is Lake Tahoe. Which is fine by me.  And a few days ago, I found this cool tribal cardigan sweater. And it's not nearly as warm as the Cowichan,  so I can actually wear this in Sacramento this year. I realize t