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New Book from Lara Van Hulzen

Okay y'all, if you like a good love story, a light-hearted romance -- and even if you don't -- I'm going to recommend you read this book, called Remember Me , written by author Lara Van Hulzen. It is literally fresh off the press! Not only does this woman know how to write, but she just happens to be my fabulous friend. Now, I am not a heavy romance reader, nor am I a romance writer, but I do read excellent stories  and I do love to read a good love story. This book is not only that, but -- are you read for this -- it has suspense intertwined into it, like a mystery! You can buy it for your Kindle , or the paper back version. Click on the links above to read what the story is about and get your copy today! And once you're into this book, loving every word, get this: this is book one of three!  So, just you wait ... there will be more. Visit and like Lara's author page on Facebook for all the juicy updates. You won