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Autumnal Changes

Every single time I tell myself I'm going to write at my blog more.  And every single time I don't. Regardless, my sis reminded me that I had a blog, and I realized I hadn't said hello for three months; for 90 days; for roughly 2160 hours! A lot transpires in three months. And an exceptional amount has transpired in the last few days. Here's a small rundown. It's Fall! Glorious glory. Better weather, perfect season for the most perfect layered clothing, best time of year. When my neighborhood looks like this, how can I not love it more? The trees look like this: We look up and see more of this! We drink more of this (Well, I drink the coffee any time of year, but I'm not sweating while drinking it hot now. So hey!) A very unforgettable election and voting process just occurred. My dog's face ↓ pretty much depicts how I feel. About both candidates. Note the blue and red in the blanket.

The Last Week of Vacation

I would try to list all the things we did with the kids this summer to keep them and us busy alongside work and everything else, but instead, I'm just going to show you last week.  Had to get a Rivercats game in. Our local AAA team is pretty amazing. And even if our season has been less than stellar, we won that night. So there you go. It wouldn't be summer without a trip to the optometrist, right? My eyes are slightly worse in the first time of EVER. (I turned 40 recently, that was definitely a summer event ... that I don't want to talk about. You understand). But, my wonderful father is said optometrist, so it's always a fun visit. Thanks Dad! We usually squeeze in a trip to IKEA. Random trivia: We bought this exact table and chairs 10 years ago as a "temporary" fix for the dinette until husband made a better one. Here's a couple other trivia things to note: 1. We paid $120 ten years ago. Woah. Infl

My Little Corner of the Writing World

You know, for being a writer, I sure don't blog a lot. I mean, I'm a failure when it comes to this. I started my blogs because, let's face it, what's a writer (or who's a writer, really) without one? It's like the necessary notebooks, books, journals, pens, computers, PCs -- on at the same time while on my phone as well, but that's another story for another time -- that a writer needs and wants that co-exists nicely with the incessant dialogue or scene setting that goes on in a writer's mind. It's perpetual. It's never-ending. And it's lovely. And I have kids. Kids can kind of take every living ounce of strength and will-power out of me, so that I don't want to write. At all. Like, at all all. Like ever again. Okay, not true. That part just isn't true. But, their constant energy and living their schedules, warrants an IV caffeine drip into my right arm. So it's ironic and very lackadaisical of me to not be writing he

Boys: Welcome to My World │ Raising Boys

I write for this online magazine called Society Letters . It's a perfect place for women of all ages to come together to discuss life, raising kids, how to improve their marriages. You get the idea. My editor asked me to write about Things Only Parents of Boys Can Understand. Naturally, I jumped at the chance. Because if I didn't, my thoughts about wanting to write this post --but not writing it -- would drive me crazy. So, ↓ here's the article. It's a snap shot of my wonderful life. And one that --if you've had, or have or will have boys -- is a snap shot of yours. Ha ha. Welcome to my world. Parenting: 5 Things Only Parents of Boys Can Understand There’s a running joke between my husband and me. And the joke is really on us because, a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, we both assumed we’d be the best parents, discipline our children to perfection, love them beyond unconditionally, and that everything would be great. Well, everything