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Just Say Yes

This year is my year of yes. At least, more yes than no, and more yes's even when it hurts to say yes. Why? Because cool things happen when one says yes. (Yes to the right things, anyway). But, I'm serious. You can't imagine the crazy good things that happen when you let go and say yes. Case in point: We went to the California Auto Museum here in Sacramento a couple days ago. The coolest little museum with vintage perfection all over the place. With doors like this, you know cool has to be its middle name. But, as we left, my husband casually mentioned that he saw "on the news that the train station here was refurbished and reopened and the grand re-opening was today," and should we go? I said yes. Even though I had a zillion other things to do, I still said yes. We literally sailed into the building.  Literally. Sailed. Got almost instant up-close (across the front door!) parking, walked into a tour that was