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Everyday Moments

When I go to sleep at night, my mind literally goes back over the events of the day, chronologically ... but backwards. I didn't realize I did this until I noticed within five minutes -- and nearing the point of falling asleep -- I was thinking about events that happened in the very beginning of the day. I'll think about my puppy, following me around when I'm home, and doing this. Then I'll think about how my husband was painting the entire trellis, and not complaining about it. And then  I'll think about my son driving me today, and how we both wore camo. (And how we didn't rear end anything.) It was weird. And enlightening. And a little bit like looking at snap shots, actual photos, of each major event of the day. Even if the major events were really not so major. And it made me think about how the little things really all add up to big things. You know how people say that every day goes by and change doesn't really seem an obvious thi