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Turn Your Nevers into Evers

I say two things all the time, and the people who know me tire of it. It's: 1. Never say never. 2. Timing is everything Think you'd "never" do something based on your likes or dislikes? This dress. Geez, I love it. Thankfully I started wearing vintage and liking pink again. Whew. That was close .. . Think something will "never" happen because of your situation? Think again. I find that whenever I say "never" it's due to pride.  My pride. Either it's because I'm living a "holier than thou" moment and think I'll "never" do something based on what I see others doing or have done. Or I'm saying "never" because I've already been through something and I'll "never" do, deal with, have, go, own, like, etc -- fill in the blank. Whatever it is I'll "never" participate in because I have no faith in a great future or my vision is so narrow, that my "view" is the