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Overused Words │ Part Deux

Gahhhhh! That's me yelling at my Kindle because I'm re-reading an overused word in a New York Times best-selling book by a best-selling author. Gahhhhh! That's me yelling again  because said writer should know better ... even if the rules don't apply to him because he's uber famous and can do what he wants. But, I -- the reader -- noticed! I saw the repeated words. And I'm annoyed. Readers read to get away; to dive into the book and enjoy; to escape-- not to question the author's choice of words. Okay, let me open up here. The book is John Grisham's latest thriller, The Rooster Bar.   Per usual, it's a great read, is super easy to get into, and has awesome, three-dimensional characters (even though you could swap characters from book to book and it would work seamlessly). But, the word he over used is: evidently. This word can be perfect  to use. Say, once every other chapter, if  needed. But it's one of those adverbs that shoul