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You Can't Take it with You

I followed a hearse to my favorite thrift store last week. The irony of that wasn't lost on me. I was headed to a thrift store to buy stuff following a person who now had no need for stuff. I did have a legitimate reason to thrift though. This is how I find my vintage items to sell in my online vintage clothing store. Vintage clothing is also ecologically responsible, so guilt didn't have me by the heart. Not to mention, I'm a minimalist. Stuff has less of a hold on me now than it ever has. But... it really got me thinking: How much more stuff do I have in my home that my kids will have to deal with when I'm gone?  As a minimalist, there is less in my home than ever before. But I still have drawers and shelves of things I still need to go through.  There are Christmas decorations from twenty years ago in my attic that I haven't put out in over ten years. Despite my best effort at being minimal, I still had stuff... stuff still had me. The hearse, with its dark rich