Saturday, August 31, 2019

Blogging 101 │ 10 Years of Fun

This right here, Fernweh,
is why writers do what they do.
I went looking for a blog post I'd written years ago for a future article that I'm working on now.

And guess what? I went back to the beginning of all my blog posts and it looks like I've been blogging for ten years.

That sure went by fast.

August 6, 2009 ◄ was my first post and hey, I'm still here and still loving it.

While my random blogging is nothing special, I've got to say it's been a wonderful place to hone my writing skills.

And as a writer, it's a good idea to have a digital footprint that shows both a writing past and a potential writing future.

There are plenty of "real" bloggers who have tons of followers and loyal fans. They're super prolific and making six figures, and writing about their successes. And that's great.

But, this blog isn't that. I never wanted it to be that in the first place. Not to mention, it wasn't even a thing ten years ago.

So, what should blogging be about if you're not looking for that "social influencer" status?

Blogging should be about you. Your life, your lessons-learned, your special moments and pearls of wisdom. It's heart and soul. Yours! And if you want to blog, and need to write because your blood runs with words, then I'd highly recommend it.

My blog is a simple snapshot of my life of random family and literary moments. I suppose ten years of just that is a long time by any standard of success, so I'm happy with the way the last decade has gone.

I'd call it successful ... in my own little world.

And if you've gotten just a small bit of encouragement from it all, then I'd say I've done my work here. Mission definitely accomplished.

Thanks for following along and here's to the next ten years. ♥



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