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Think Positive and Live Happier

Think positive!

I am delighted to tell you that I was accepted into Chicken Soup for the Soul's latest compilation, Think Positive, Live Happy.  

These little books have been a source of inspiration, laughter, hope, and amusement for over twenty-five years. And to be included in one of them is a privilege.

But, here's the truth of the matter: It took me eight years of submitting stories just to get published with them. Chicken Soup publishes about a dozen books a year, and they accept roughly a hundred stories per book, so after doing the math, you'd think it wouldn't be a problem getting in!

But as with all publishing and writing, timing and the right story is everything.

I'm not saying I liked waiting eight years, but I'm a better writer because of it. It kept me pushing to write stronger. And thinking positively: believing one day they would accept my work, even if I didn't want to keep submitting to them anymore.
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Some writers may be published the first story they submit. And some writers have already been accepted by them ten times! Regardless, I'm truly thankful for my first story with them.

Interested in writing for them? Click here for their website → Chicken Soup for the Soul. You'll see the current books they're interested in publishing, stories they are looking for, and how to go about submitting them.

Interested in getting their latest book that I just happen to be in? → Amazon has it.

Think positive, live happier, and anything can happen.