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Being away in Maui for a week is a little like getting a lobotomy. I can't think rightly or clearly, and no way can I give a passing thought to writing a blog post.

This is why it's absolutely perfect timing that I wrote a guest post before I left for vacation which is now at Write for Charity and up today!

Below is a little snippet of the blog post.

Just like “Autodidact,” the poem that Write for Charity picked for their wonderful book, From the Heart, I wrote “Motherhood is a like a Pacemaker” when one particular day seemed just a bit too overwhelming ; when I wondered if the work I was doing as a mother really counted for much.

Like this poem, motherhood sort of transcends the normal, yet is required to keep the normal. There are difficulties that motherhood presents to us at times — and yes, there are happiness and joys, rewards and fulfillment involved too — but the role of a mother is never easy. It always receives, yet it also requires. It always is, but has to be ready for was or will be … or just plain won’t.

Click here for the rest of the post and the poem.



  1. Didn't you just love Maui? My husband and I had an opportunity to go there in February - what a tropical paradise! Enjoyed the portion of your poem that you included. I'll have to check out the rest of your post over at Write for Charity. Have a blessed week!

  2. Yes, Maui was-is-always will be awesome.
    Check out the link- that gives the real poem. :)
    Thanks for taking a look Maria.

  3. Hi Heather *waves* I'm a new follower and what a special day to come on!! I'm glad that you've loved Maui! I've never been!

    What a wonderful poem, I'm headed over to read the rest!

  4. Jen! Thanks so much for stopping by.
    And Maui, wow, someday for you too. It took ten years of marriage for me to get there. Ha.

  5. Hi! I left a comment at 'Write for Charity', but I'll leave one here too :)

    I love this poem - it's so true. How else can I know I'm truly alive unless I'm tested and purified through challenge? So great. I think I'll link over to your post on my blog ... if that's alright :)


  6. Wow, Kim, thanks. And yes, it's TOTALLY alright. It's more than alright. :)
    Thanks again.


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