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The Awesomeness of AgentQuery

I don't know if any of you are looking to be published, or need a great agent, but if you've tried to find the right agent, it can be grueling. All those requirements, or quirky specifics, and every agent is different. Some are big-timers, and some are small-town folks.

And if you're like me, and you don't feel like shelling out 30 bucks for an agent book -- the kind that list all the agents all of America, along with their info, in really small print -- then you have to check out AgentQuery. They are a database of agents, and yes, I'm warning you, it's overwhelming!  But, really, AgentQuery is like finding a gold mine.

Oh, and did I mention that most of it's free? Jackpot!

I've been casually going to their website for a couple of years now. The agents' info --all thousands and thousands of them --stay relatively current, you can specify to the city what you are looking for in an agent, or an find agent by genre or category; those who specialize in what you want to have published.
They also list whether the agent prefers online queries to snail mail queries.

AgentQuery is a wealth of information and all-around amazing. If you haven't checked them out, then you need to. It could be the difference between wanting to be published or actually being published. And AgentQuery has made it all too easy not to find the agent of your dreams.

Go there today, peruse, shop around. Then, make sure your manuscript is top notch, your query is perfect, and get busy finding an agent!


  1. Sounds like a great site. More intuitive (and less expensive!) than Writer's Market. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for this info, Heather. I will definitely check it out. :)

    Congrats on the devotional, by the way! Way to go!

  3. Kerry, thanks so much! Love your blog, by the way. If I could become a "fan" I would. Thanks for linking my blog to it too. Totally honored.

  4. Thanks, Heather!

    I'm still learning Word Press, but I'm fairly certain it doesn't have a fans or followers option. I appreciate the offer! :)

    Now if only I could figure out how to post this comment....;) Sorry if you get this three times!:)

    Take care!


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