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Working Title │ The Chicken or the Egg

I often wonder when I'm reading, or listening to music, whether or not the work was written before or after the title. It's a common thing for writers not to name their works until after the book or article or poem is finished. Because coming up with a title before everything is done, is kind of like putting the cart before the horse. And many times, once a work is finished, days or months can pass before the editor, writer, publisher or everyone, can agree on a title. Sometimes, a title is easy. Rolls off the tongue the second the last word is finished and it totally make the book complete. But, I find that this usually isn't the case. How do you narrow down 100,000 words to just one or two? Do you go by the subject matter, or a personality of a character, or an emotional theme to the book? What story can the image of these flowers create? I don't love titles. Those are tough. But, I do love writing on prompts. What's that? When a picture or sentence or sin

Reading │ Writing

Well hey! Just wanted to say a quick hello. I'm still here. No excuses for not blogging. However, I'm going to give you excuses anyway. Just went here for Winter Break with my boys. Their first trip to Hawaii. Spent a lot of time looking up at this while lounging on the beach or at the pool.  Spent an equal amount of time trying to get them to let me take pics of them. Took a ridiculous amount of fun selfies with my oldest. (Very cherish-able.) Came home to celebrate this boy's birthday (again). Proceeded to eat all of this by myself. Took this girl for many runs, even though I was the one that needed to run. Now, I'm doing (still) a lot of this. But wishing I was doing this. I'm getting back into the writing groove guys. I promise. Hope to share some of it in the near future. Aloha...