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Losing My Mind and Laughing About It

A couple months ago, when we were having our fence replaced ( the one that blew over in the last storm ), it came time to pay the invoice. I answered the door, while I was in the middle of writing - my head in a complete jumble over words and sentences - and proceeded to sign the waiver confirming the fence people did a good job, finished the job, etc.  I signed my name and proceeded to fill in the date. Only, I couldn't remember the date. We were in March, and it was early March... but what was the year? I mentally jogged back to the last check I'd written, or the last calendar glance I'd made, but nothing came to mind. I looked past the guy holding the clipboard waiting for me, hoping my change of scenery would bring back the date. But it didn't. For all I knew, it was 1985 with America deep into the Reagan administration. Why can't I remember what year this is? Now, remember, all of these thoughts are happening lightning fast and only a couple of seconds have pas

Reading in Bed │ A Librocubicularist

After coming across this image and description of what I do on the regular, I think I've finally (after saying it a dozen times) gotten the hang of the word. Librocubicularist.  A person who reads in bed. I've never actually heard this descriptive word before, though I'm familiar with its action like I know the back of my hand. Have you used this word before? And get this: the word had seven syllables. The same as if you said, "a person who reads in bed." And if both have seven syllables, neither one is shorter to say. So, it’s your choice. Both are what many do and love to do. It's up to you to say what you want to say. Maybe it's just a fancy word - which it is. But, it's also a literal Latin translation for "reading in bed" in a more succinct form. I like the sound of librocubicularist . It's slow living in its ultimate form. Happy reading. -Heather