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Guest Blogging: Is it for you?

Hey, writers out there, I have a question for you:

Have you ever been a guest blogger?
This is where you write an article or essay for someone else's blog, so the focus is off of your own site and onto someone's else. The article can be anything, or everything. But the point is that the writing is to benefit not just your writing platform, but theirs while simultaneously expanding your experience.

I'm sure you're asking: How is this beneficial?
Well, not only is it a chance for you to write, but it allows your writing to extend to more circles, ones most likely directly related to your line of work. This means potentially new contacts, resources, friends and knowledge for you and your host. It's a win for you (since more people will see your writing), and it's a win for the host because they gain an educational or insightful article/ blog with a unique voice ... one other than their own.

I also hear you asking: Can you give me an example?
I have a friend, Alisa Hope Wagner, who wrote a great guest blog for Michael Hyatt, the CEO of the world's largest Christian book publishers, Thomas Nelson Publisher. His blog is great. Her article was great. And together, it was a perfect combination. Read it: right here. It's not only eye-opening (thanks Alisa) but a perfect reason as to why you can --and should -- be a guest blogger. You never know who you can write for, or what it will do for you, if you don't try.

Having said that, let me now say that I would love to host a guest writer/blog by any author, agent or editor. It just needs to have something -- anything-- to do with the love of writing and/or furthering the education for us literary people. This can include book reviews, funny spelling/writing errors, etc. You name it: it could quite possibly go up here. Contact me. I'll post one every two weeks ... and more frequently, as they come in.

Oh, and did I mention that I was a guest blogger today? You can see for yourself by visiting the lovely website of Jessie Mac. The article is called "Do You Want to Write? Then Lie (to Yourself). It was fun for me, and hopefully not only helpful for her, but beneficial to everyone who read it.



  1. I love being a guest writer. Give me a topic, and I will write!

    Wanted to add that it took me about a year and 4 tries to land a guest spot with Mr. Hyatt. He was very, very gracious with all of my rejections; and he always gave an explanation, which is not mandatory but very sweet.

  2. Wow. I can imagine how much work went into your writing for him. Glad your persistance was rewarded... a great lesson. Perhaps THIS can be your guest blog topic? How we are constantly striving for that next achievment, and learning lessons along the way, but that this striving (with the right amount of balance and God)it is attainable? Let me know. Thanks for offering. Love it! -H

  3. Funny, I linked from Alisa's fb page to your guest post on Jessie's blog, then linked here to tell you I liked it. Now, guess I'll be linking to Alisa's. Good networking, Alisa and Heather. And I did like your article a lot. wb

  4. Thanks Warren! Isn't networking amazing?
    So glad you stopped by. Welcome, and come back again.-H


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