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I can't even begin to tell you how much I learned at

What is Writeoncon? Just the best three days of interviews of agents, authors and editors from all over the country for those who live, eat and breathe reading or writing children's, middle-grade, or young adult literature. Writeoncon was the conglomeration of the some of the best knowledge, from some of the best people in the industry and all within the touch of the keyboard.

Though my head is overloaded, swirling from all the information I tried to cram in there, I'm happy to tell you that I took notes. This way, I have access to what I learned right in front of me. And if that's not good enough, hey, it's online! I can go back, listen or read again, and get even more fuel for my fire. 

What did I learn, you ask? What didn't I learn, is a more likely question. Writing is really an art form. And the more you study it, the better you become.

Well, that is the supposed theory anyway.

I think the real truth to that statement is the more you study and apply what you learn, the better writer you become. How can you not? And let me tell you, I learned a ton.

My husband is still glaring at me for hogging the computer, focusing all my love and affection toward the gracious people at Writeoncon, and for talking non-stop about how much I learned. But come on now ... Writeoncon was the con of all cons. Really. This isn't to say that cons like Comic-con, aren't great. I suppose they are. My sister (Rebecca Ward, a.k.a. interior designer extrodinaire) was just at Comic-con down in San Diego a few weeks ago. But did she learn about awesome things like how to create memorable characterization by Mandy Hubbard? Did she learn about plot and pacing by Weronika Janczuk? Or what about the important aspect of the ever-insane, but very important, revision process by Cynthea Liu?

Okay, so the cons are completely incomparable. But, I can still think mine was better.
 If you are interested in this amazing event, don't worry -- you too can check out Writeoncon after the whole event has happened. What? I know, that's like being able to travel back in time.
Oh, and did I mention that this is FREE?

That right there folks is proof to me, that this con beats them all.

Thank you Writeoncon.