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Carpel Tunnel Be Gone

Okay, so as my second resolution stated from the January 1st post, I don't wish anyone to acquire carpel tunnel from writing. That's not only painful, but really sad.

However, if you did happen to get sore wrists, say without the Carpel Tunnel, then that may be a good thing for this year.

Why? Because it means you are spending a whole lot of time doing what you told yourself you should do: write!

The literal act of writing is probably one of the hardest things anyone will ever do--even for "authors" too (crazy people who want to make a living through writing.)

But, take your plumber, or your firefighter, or your teacher and make them sit down to write a book, and really, they're not going to want to do it either. Writing, creating a world, visualizing dialogue and characters, scenery and hidden plots, well that's practically like coming up with an organized way to take over the world. It's that complicated.

Yet, it isn't impossible (the writing, that is). It's all about working those wrists, even if it potentially begins Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. See, writing is a discipline that even writers don't want to work on. Yes, they may want the book written. Yes, they may have great content. They may even be one of the best, florid and prolific writers of this century, but if the clickety-clack of the keyboard keys aren't clickety-clackying, then the reality of you churning a book out of thin air just isn’t going to happen.

Making myself write is hard, and sore wrists may potentially be a side effect, but if that's all that's stopping me, then I’m the only one stopping myself!

Here's what to do to overcome your block or that little voice that says you having nothing good to say, or that you can't write worth a hill of beans.

1. Sit down.

2. Open your online document -- your blank piece of paper (or your spiral notebook.)

3. Write. Anything, everything, characters, a list of feelings, your outline, or dialogue. Start with something, then later get an outline, and begin your work of art!

Who knows, if you ease into this writing thing -- like start with a few hundred words a day, then work up to a few thousand-- you won't get carpel Tunnel at all! You really do want to take care of your wrists so that when you are an author, you have your precious wrists to write even greater things ... or if you're like me, good wrists to wring out laundry, take the dog for a walk, or weed the garden.

Whatever it is -- wringing, walking, weeding or writing -- get busy doing the writing and be happy that you are fulfilling a goal.


  1. This gets down to the brass tacks of what we are suppposed to be doing: writing. Good post.

  2. You are always encouraging! Writing is this easy and this hard all at once. Thanks for the inspiring words, as usual :)

  3. Ah yes, actually making yourself write is always tricky. Somehow manual tasks seem much easier than those esoteric "brainy" tasks. Maybe because you can really see your progress with a physical job.

    On the subject of Carpel Tunnel, have you looked into the Dvorak Keyboard? It's supposed to be much better for your wrists because it requires much less movement than the inefficient QWERTY keyboard.

  4. Great post with so much inspiration. Sometimes getting the fingers moving is all that it takes.

  5. Sitting down and writing has been one of the hardests disciplines I've had to learn. I'm pretty energetic and having to sit for hours wasn't my cup of tea. But, God does teach us!

    Also, I bought the split keyboard; and it was weird at first, but I think it is helping my posture!

  6. Thanks Warren!

    Lori, so kind!

    Anne, yes! Esoteric works= much harder. I have heard of the other keyboard. Must ... get ... one. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Melissa, thank you!

    Mary, it IS all about moving your fingers.

    Alisa, thanks for coming by. I'll have to try the split keyboard too ... it reminds me of a brain split in the middle. Maybe that's good though. Sure helps you! Your writing is always awesome.

  7. Yep, something just pushing through helps so much. Nice to meet you and your blog!


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