Changing the World with Your Writing

Remember how my last post listed "resolution" type blessings on your writing life? Well, I want to get into those blessings with a little more detail.

This week, it's the "May your minds be full of creative, change-the-world-with-your-story- ideas" aspect.

I know. You may think I'm kidding, or that I wrote that one as a joke. But as far-fetched as it sounds, it isn't a joke.

Realistically, a change-the-world story is a crazy concept. We don't necessarily know what and how to change the world; or if what we write will make a difference to anybody. Can we change the world? Should we try to change the world?

Well, if you are passionate about what you write, then (and this is the kicker) it doesn't matter. What you have to do-- as a writer wanting to write something worth ... something -- is make sure that your words are as truthful, honest, heart-felt and real to what you feel and believe as possible.

If you are happy with this, if you are true to your beliefs, if you are writing to the best of your abilities, then who is to say or know that your work couldn't change the world? I'd like to think that if you work hard, keep a creative mind and an open heart to writing something that will help people-- even if it is small, or barely noticeable-- then you already have changed the world.

You are doing your good deeds; you are carrying your cross. You are trying to make a difference.

If you aren't doing this, perhaps you should. Maybe this small move will improve your chances of success (i.e. publication, whether online or in print). And if you already are doing this, then keep at it. Believe in your words, remain dedicated to your stories, and whether you become the next best seller, or influence only ten people with your story or article, you will be successful.

Success, to me, is simply helping or making one person happy, even if this takes years to accomplish.

And even if that one person is you.


  1. Thank you for this inspiring post! I loved reading it. I love the idea of changing the world, or at least making one person happy with my writing. :-)

  2. Thanks for such an encouraging post. I have been a little frustrated with myself for the amount of encouragement I seem to need on this writing journey. Your words are inspiring, and I thank you again :)

  3. What a great post. Found your blog thanks to Tyrean.

  4. Tyrean, thanks for your words. I also like the idea of making at least one person happy.

    Lori, keep moving forward! You can do it.

    Angie, welcome! So glad you found me here. Thanks for your kind words too.


  5. A very inspirational post. Your words really reasonate with me and the poetry journey that I'm on.

    "Success, to me, is simply helping or making one person happy, even if this takes years to accomplish." <-- that's 'significance' in a nutshell and the hope we all need to hold.

    I look forward to reading some more of your posts.

    Thanks, David Andrwes


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