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D is for Distractions

If you're a writer, you know what distractions are. It's the facebook check, or the e-mail check, the laundry, or the sink of dishes. It's every single chore that's left to do in your house, but the actual act of writing. These distractions are sometimes intentionally put out by ourselves, and at other times, it's the normal routine tapping us on the shoulder trying to get our attention.

Distractions come to other folks too. But, their distractions seem different, maybe not as cruel. A writer sits by themself, everyday, alone to battle the demons of inferiority, writer's block or procrastination with no one else but themself to bat them away.

This isn't to say writers have it worse than other professions. We don't. The problem is we have to talk to our diversions all the time to be productive. We have to ignore the phone, the texts, and the books we want to read. Because, if writers don't do a simple two things -- sit down and type -- we don't accomplish anything. Some diversions are a part of life, but we battle them constantly.

Some days, the diversions stay at bay. Maybe because we had an extra cup of coffee, or we got the chores done first. But, sometimes I don't think this is so. There are times when I've had a zillion other things to do, but got gobs of words written. Other days, I've done everything there is to do first -- before writing -- and can't find a way to start the next chapter.

Distractions are what we make them. While it's the proverbial  "monkey on our back," it's one we can tame into submission by talking to it, telling it to go away, and by putting both hands on the keyboard (or pen on paper) and begin typing anything; just something to get the writing spirit going. This spirit appears when we have faith it will come and keep persisting! It's quite remarkable.

D may be for Distractions ... but don't let it!

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  1. Hi, i'm just stopping by from the A to Z challenge. I think this was very thought provoking!
    Happy Blogging!

  2. You're the second A-Z that has tackled this subject - glad to know it's not just me that is mrs procrastinator just gonna check all my email, facebook, blog comments, twitter, scratch my head, etc before actually writing!

  3. You've "cornered the market" on distractions. As far as the "P" word-a pox upon it! Good post, good writing, good "meeting" you. Here's to our continued joy in writing the A to Z way.

  4. Distractions are a pain but life without distractions is unimaginable (and probably rather boring!)

  5. Your words are so impressive..

    Regards from India,

  6. I totally relate. Distractions are constant and tough to handle.

  7. Distractions are huge for me!!! However I try to remind myself that I am a college student so distractions are anything from Homework I should be doing to graduate next my own going out to dinner with friends. I also tell myself that these aren't distractions if I find them fun or interesting or important. Taking time for yourself is really important. Not writing is equally important as writing. Great post Heather :)

  8. I think I've done all of the distractions in that list instead of writing, though I also would do anything (even cleaning the bathroom) instead of doing homework. My key to writing is to leave behind the distractions and go work on writing somewhere else. Though I need to learn to turn off my internet button when I do... :)


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