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F is for Female Authors

I'm not going to get feminist on you. That's for somebody else to do. But did you realize that three of the best selling books --series -- of the last twenty years or so are written by women? The films didn't do that bad either. In fact, they were some of the highest grossing movies ever.

1. Harry Potter, written by JK Rowling.
Okay, no explanation needed here. Everyone knows who she is. She is a very talented writer. No wonder her books did beyond great. I love the stories, I love the friendships and familial ties that are promoted. Rowling is a true story teller, to me.

2.Twilight Series, written by Stephanie Meyer
Again, you'd have to be a castaway on an island not to know who she is. Her books sold in the millions, and though the subject matter isn't a new one, teens to forty-something moms loved them. I think (and this is just me) some of her books were way too long. As in, she could've told the same story and cut 25,000 words out of each book. Whatever. Still good stories. I'm team Jacob, by the way.

3.Hunger Games Trilogy, written by Suzanne Collins
I'll be honest. I haven't read any of her books. I know. I'm probably the only one out there. I'm not fond of dystopian fiction. Why? Because I feel like we're living in a dystopian book right now, or will be in one, very soon. And when I say I haven't read any of her books, that's partly a lie: I have read one chapter of the first book. Her writing is fantastic. She draws you in immediately and you care for the protagonist from page one. I understand why it's bestselling.

I've heard once, by another writer, that she thought female writers were discriminated against. Are you kidding me? That couldn't be further from the truth. A well-written story is a well-written story, regardless of their sex. Apparently, female writers have a hand on the pulse of children and young adults -- they get how kids feel and how they think! But then, these women are mothers, or could be. This empathy and sympathy --their understanding -- is practically innate.

There are plenty of male authors who are fantastic too. I'm just pointing out the recent blockbuster best-sellers, and how three of the top are female.

Anyway, go read them -- all of these books are great.


  1. Good point. Great writers, male or female, have to be good at walking in the shoes of another as well as getting inside their heads!

  2. Great post. There are fabulous women writers out there.

  3. Yay! Girls on top! I never thought about the fact that the 3 most famous series were written by women. Excellent.

  4. I noticed this, too--great blog topic! I have only read the first chapter of the Hunger Games, as well. I want to read more, though, because she is an excellent writer, so far. I agree with you that we are slowly slipping into dystopian, but I have to read them. They are cautionary tales, after all, and they may just teach us something. Loving the A-Z challenge--I am meeting some wonderful people! ;)

  5. I'd never thought of this before today! Those are all action-packed books, too, not just sappy romantic. Which, I think, helps break an old sterotype.

  6. And, thanks for stopping by my blog! Good luck with the challenge.

  7. Interesting post! I enjoyed reading Hunger Games and am looking forward to seeing the movie.

  8. For my day job, I'm an engineer, so I know there are some fields where women are still very much a minority. But writing is NOT one of them. There are way more best selling female authors than best selling male authors. I don't think publishers discrimiate based on gender at all, but I do know a few male authors that intentionally write under their initials so it won't be as obvious that they are male. Because they are affraid readers discriminate (in favor of women writers).

  9. Those are some great points - maybe we will get to add our names to the last of great women writers someday. :)

  10. I don't like dystopian fiction, either. And I had a hard time with Hunger Games, until I got past the first chapter or so. I think I started it about 5 times. Then I couldn't put it down. Never tried Twilight, though.

    Visiting from A to Z


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