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Writing and Living the Dream

Every day I wake up and thank God I get to do what I do.

Here are those three things: writing, selling vintage, and being a mom.

While the mom thing is permanent, and I'll be that for as long as I'm alive (and I'm so glad I can), the vintage and writing are choices I make every day because I want to.

I write all the time. From articles for the magazine I work for to articles and stories, I submit freelance, to middle-grade fiction (I am working on one...I promise. It's nearly done), every now and then something gets published and it makes my day.

Selling vintage is a whole different world and genre, so feel free to go to the site to see that.◄ But it's just as amazing for me.

Just a few days ago, I was published once again by Chicken Soup for the Soul, and this time, in their latest book Kindness Matters. 

At my desk...where all the magic happens.
This is my third time being published by them and let me tell you, that euphoric feeling with the acceptance letter doesn't get old.

If you're looking for some inspirational stories -- for the concept that good people and good things happen to people all the time all around us -- I'd recommend this book. Every story creates hope and allows us a peek inside everyday people's lives to see that there are truly kind people out there.

Thank you, Chicken Soup, for trudging through submissions and picking mine...again. 

Click here to get a copy or wherever books are sold. You'll be glad you did.

Keep writing!