Miracles and Gratitude

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Today is Thanksgiving Eve and it so happens that my workload is just a touch light and I have a moment to write something. 

I write pretty regularly, whether it's for work or my writing, but this blog gets ignored. Rightly so. It's been on the back burner for a while as I juggle three or four jobs. But as I said earlier, the workload is lessoning, and come the new year, it will be even a little bit lighter.

Which is good news, really. It means back to more writing time for myself, which is what I want. 

Sometimes we have to walk away from what we think we love, to find out that it is indeed our passion and true love. Writing for myself is that perfect true love (with wearing, finding, and selling vintage clothing a very close second.)

I was lucky enough to be published by Chicken Soup for the Soul, a fourth time now, last month. It feels like a dream every time they publish something of mine. It took me a good ten years to get them to say "yes" to me so now that they're saying "yes" regularly, I almost can't believe it. 

I'm not sure why this is how my writing career had to take shape. I think the biggest reason is my stuff just wasn't that good. And when I look at what've I written -- and sent them -- I can see why they were rejected. Good writing takes time and I'm not even that good. But knowing I know how to improve -- and see my work get out there-- gives me and hopefully gives all of you some needed hope. 

Write all the time, edit, rewrite, and write some more. The act of writing, whether it's publishable or not at that moment, is what will get you to that point of getting published. 

This latest publication is called Miracles and the Unexplainable. My story is about a cardigan I sold, one that I wished I hadn't let go of, that came back to me. And how it happened is downright miraculous.

This entire book -- out of all the Chicken Soups I've been a part of -- is my favorite. It deals with miracles. And it is so encouraging.  Who doesn't need to read good things like that? I'm honored to be in it and thrilled to reinforce the true adage that "miracles do happen."

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your friends and family. And if you're reading this, know that I'm so grateful for you reading along with my writing life -- and regular life -- all these years. You're the best! 

Keep writing.


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