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Lack of Pain, Lack of Gain

Okay, so we all know the well-worn cliche of "no pain, no gain." This goes for weight loss (yes, less food equals less weight) and exercise (must do the treadmill, if I want to see the muscles through the fat) and even beauty (yes, a shower is necessary, even though no one but you is around to smell you.)

Perhaps it's a summer problem, or just a phase I'm going through, but this overwhelming desire to do absolutely nothing -- instead of something -- ripples through my veins (and flabby calf muscles) in the middle of our summer. Just writing a blog post is like pulling a boulder into the chair with me. How do I work with this? It's in the way. It (boulder and writing) is too heavy.

Really, this is just me being lazy. So what I've been writing for years without much gain. I love writing anyway! I should be glad I have hands and fingers and get to be creative. That's amazing. Just because I feel like not writing, doesn't mean I should -- or shouldn't. Vacations are in order, but I've talked about that before too. And we can't be on vacation forever.

Writing is tough because writers/editors work for long periods without reward, merit, affirmation or even money. But, if it's what one is called to do, then none of that should matter. Write when every fiber in you says "no." Write, when the pool beckons you (and you just got out of it). Write when the ideas have evaporated, or when you feel your stories will see only the inside of your mind. Write because this is something you love. And when you begin to write (again) you'll see that --like riding a bike, or eating a donut -- it will all come back to you.

No pain, no gain.

I can't stand going through life without trying. If I tried writing for 50 years, and still wasn't published, and if I gave it my all, then hey, that is good enough. Writing isn't a waste. Writing teaches us patience, critical thinking, psychology, how to understand people, finances (the lack of funds), love (and hate) and above all, it teaches us to persist when everything around us tells us to stop.

Don't let the pain stop you this summer. After a quick dip in the pool, or sprinklers, get back at it. Only you can tell that story, so get going!


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